Butter "Galette"

Production machines:

Semi-automated or automated production line:
Placing of an injector on a TH type oven.
From 6000 waffles per hour

Liege Waffles (with pearl sugar)
Liege Waffle

Soft Waffles (Flash)

Soft Waffle

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle


Delicate "Galette" 1
Delicate "Galette" 2
Galette Campinoise
Butter "Galettes"
Butter "Galette"
Filled "Galettes"
Filled "Galette"
"Galette" filled with caramel

Fruits Filled Waffles

Fruit filled Waffle
Vanilla Waffles
Vanilla Waffle
  This type of installation can be automated using a collection robot and a cooling spiral.  
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