Industrial scale machines
for cookie and waffle makers

Acemal has specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial equipment for cookie and waffle makers since 1965.


Liège waffles, Brussels waffles, filled, thin, as well as waffles with butter: No matter what type of waffle you are wanting to make, we can provide you with the right high quality production equipment to optimize your production in terms of both quality and quantity.

Other products

We also manufacture equipment for other products such as pancakes, blinis, poffertjes and savory crackers. We can also design special machines for whatever type of product you wish to make.

Ensemble de gaufres et galettes produites par Acemal
« We can apply our international experience and know-how, gained over almost 60 years, to your specific production requirements. »
Machine sur fond blanc de Acemal
Our equipment

We are a long-time established global presence and are trusted by a very many producers. We have developed a wide range of types of equipment and thanks to our focus on continuous improvement, we remain at the cutting edge of technology. We can develop customized installations based on your specific production requirements.


We manage your project
from the design to its commissioning

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International references for waffle ovens

With a large number of customers in many countries, Acemal has grown from a small Belgian SME into a company trusted by some of the world’s largest producers of waffles and cookies (waffles). Our values, the quality of our equipment and our after-sales service are all key factors in our success.

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Serving the industry5
since 1965

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