Our waffle equipment and ovens

Whatever type of waffle you might want to make, Acemal will almost certainly have the right equipment. If not, we can create it specially for you.

Les lignes complètes

Complete production lines

Are you looking for equipment that can manage the entire waffle production process, from the dough to cooling after baking? Our complete production lines are perfect for this, and especially as they are designed to automatically bake all types of pastry.

Our production lines include the following elements:

Automatic line for Liège Waffles

  • A dough divider,
  • A proofing chamber,
  • A transfer device for the automatic transfer of the dough into the irons,
  • The oven,
  • A robot for extracting the waffles after baking,
  • Cooling strips or cooling chambers

Automatic lines for all other types of products:

  • A dough divider / injector,
  • The oven,
  • An extraction system,
  • Cooling strips or cooling chambers.
Les fours

The ovens

The tunnel oven

Perfect for the large-scale production of up to 150,000 articles an hour, depending on the product, tunnel ovens can be used for cooking all types of pastry, such as waffles, wafers, pancakes, hotcakes and crackers.

The TV oven

Designed mainly for baking soft waffles, this type of oven is equipped with a high-precision dough dosing system and an extraction system for the waffles after baking.

The TV-8 oven

This semi-automatic oven is ideal for small scale production, as well as for cooking all types of waffles.

  • Automatic opening and closing of the irons
  • Automatic rotation of the irons
  • 8 irons x 320 x 240 mm
  • Capacity: between 600 and 900 waffles/hour depending on the type of waffle
  • Cooking time: 3 minutes (adjustable)
  • Natural gas or LPG
  • Electricity supply: 220V - 10A
  • Oven weight and dimensions: 500 kg - 120x80x160 cm

The TH oven

Thanks to the interchangeable nature of the irons, the TH oven can be used for a variety of products. This oven can produce a minimum of 1,000 waffles an hour. It can also be fitted with an injection system and an automatic extraction system. The oven is available in standard configurations of 20, 24, 30 or 36 irons.

Les armoires de fermentation

The fermentation chambers

In order to make waffles using perfectly leavened and fermented dough, we build fermentation chambers customized for the desired capacity. Note that the racks used in these are made of stainless steel.

Les bandes de transport


Essential for transferring your cooked waffles and cookies to the next production line station, our conveyors can be manufactured in a straight line, with curves or even as spirals, and no matter what the desired dimensions.

Les armoires de fermentation

Cooling chambers

More compact than all belt types, the cooling chamber offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Designed to be as small as possible
  • Maintaining the alignment of the products to facilitate packing
  • Possibility of buffering products during packing stoppages
Les accessoires


We have a range of accessories for our installations:

  • Injectors for all types of waffles
  • Robots for the automatic extraction of waffles
  • Automatic brushes
  • Cleaning systems
  • Waffle iron oiling system

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